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COVIDING is the term that has been adopted by those of us who have stepped outside our normal day-to-day routine in order to provide much-needed relief to those experiencing hardship, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here at United Against Poverty Indian River County, we...

The Power of Partnership: Collaboration and Networking

While watching the installation of United Against Poverty’s marquee sign the Power of Partnership was instantly impressed upon me! As I stood gazing from the sidewalk, outside our newly constructed edifice, it occurred to me that the names on the marquee sign, along...

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Victim or Victor?

Victim OR Victor… Which one are you? When we have a victim mentally we are not able to change behaviors or move forward in our lives. People who struggle with the victim mentality are convinced that life is not only beyond their control, but is out to deliberately...

Job Interview Tips

Ron Browning, our Workforce Development Manager, has this handy info-graphic " Top Interview Tips". This is a great tool to review before you have an interview!

What IS Emotional Intelligence??

Emotional Intelligence is being able to be aware of, in control of and ability to express emotions the correct way. It is also the foundation for being able to handle interpersonal relationships with and good judgement. There are five components to Emotional...

How STEP Changed My Life- Sydney Wolaver

My name is Sydney Wolaver and my life has been forever changed by the work being accomplished at United Against Poverty. I came in for the first time in September of 2018, looking for information about the Bike Walk program. I left that day not only enrolled in the...

10 Ways to Use Social Media When Job Hunting

If you're a smart job searcher, you probably have already covered your basic job hunting bases. Resumes, cover letters, certifications, and references are all concepts that come to mind when it comes to being prepared for a job interview. But you may not have thought...

Dinners on a Dime: Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumplings at less than $1.00 per serving! There is nothing like a nice hot bowl of chicken soup on a cold winter night. Chicken and Dumplings is an ultimate comfort food that will not just warm you up but will stick to your bones and fill your tummy! This...

STEP Success Story: Diane Komarnycky

Phase I Graduation day featuring (from left) Ron Browning, LaDonna Riggins, Diana Komarnycky, and April McCoy.   Diana Komarnycky, STEP Cycle 23 Graduate, is the type of person that some people may underestimate.  I think it’s entirely possible that Diana even had a...


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The Success Training for Employment Program (STEP) was designed by United Against Poverty to empower and support men and women to become employed and achieve financial goals.


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