What is STEP?

Success Training for Employment Program (STEP) is dedicated to enhancing job-readiness skills. The first six weeks are made up of in-class discussion-based learning in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Skills, and Job Acquisition. The goal of the program is job placement and long-term job retention.

Following graduation from the first phase, participants either become employed or have the opportunity to be placed in internships to develop additional job skills. Once employed the participant will work with a success coach to enhance job retention and career development for up to three years or until they reach self-sufficiency. If a prospective participant is eligible, they may be able to enter our Rapid Employment Program which provides direct job placement through our Job Developer and ongoing work with a Success Coach.

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Who is Welcome?

Any and every adult 18+ is welcome to participate. The content is designed for those interested in making a career change, who have experienced difficulties finding or keeping a job, or interested in improving their current employment position.

What STEP Teaches


Employees with higher emotional intelligence are more likely to be successful and advance from an entry level job to jobs with a higher level of responsibility and a higher associated wage. Advancing in your career will help to reach your financial goals.

Through workbook exercises and hands-on activities you will learn how to communicate better, reduce anxiety and stress, defuse conflicts, improve relationships, empathize with others, set goals and effectively overcome life’s challenges.

Activities include creating a vision board, which is a valuable tool that helps to focus on and visualize your goals and provides you with a consistent reminder of where your hard work will take you.


Phase 1 of your STEP success plan – Six weeks of classroom training – develop the skills to acquire a job and become an effective employee, earn valuable workplace certifications and develop a plan to successfully identify jobs that are right for you, advance in your career path, and achieve your financial goals.

STEP Phase 1 is offered 5 times a year. Each class session is conducted over a 6-week period for 3 hours a day from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday-Friday.


How to write an effective resume that gets in the “yes” pile, developing interpersonal skills for an effective job interview or on-site job applications, branding yourself and putting your network to work for your job search.


Earn certifications to document knowledge in key areas to become a strong candidate for employment. Opportunities are provided for online certifications in the areas of: Professionalism, Ethics, Sexual Harassment Training, Personal Hygiene, Customer Service, Money Handling and Site Safety.


One-hour STEP Orientation Workshops are offered prior to each Phase 1 session and are required prior to enrollment.


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The Success Training for Employment Program (STEP) was designed by United Against Poverty to empower and support men and women to become employed and achieve financial goals.


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