COVIDING is the term that has been adopted by those of us who have stepped outside our normal day-to-day routine in order to provide much-needed relief to those experiencing hardship, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Here at United Against Poverty Indian River County, we have served more than 100 new individuals over the past few months. These individuals come from all walks of life, as sickness, just as poverty, does not discriminate. We have provided temporary relief for families of one and families of five. We have assisted those who are in their early twenties and those who are in their mid to late seventies. The point is, there are several people hurting, and we have been a safe place where they can come and not be judged or labeled because of their circumstances. United Against Poverty has provided more than financial assistance, but our overnight Crisis Care Team has provided hope, love, smiles, tears of joy, relief and an opportunity for job security (through our STEP program). All I have to say is—WE ROCK! We have and always will aid in LIFTING LIVES, because that’s what we do.

-Ingrid Bell, Success Coach

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