While watching the installation of United Against Poverty’s marquee sign the Power of Partnership was instantly impressed upon me! As I stood gazing from the sidewalk, outside our newly constructed edifice, it occurred to me that the names on the marquee sign, along with several other generous donors were responsible for the signage and the building that we all now call Home.

So what does partnership look like? Other than partnership being the coming together of partners, the definition of such a term cannot be exasperated to merely coming together. In fact, there has to be a bigger cause that prompts each party to come together—and that is where the magic truly begins. You see, United Against Poverty, Access Florida, AARP Foundation, TCCH, Career Source Florida, VNA, St. Helen Outreach, Safe Families for Children and all our donors have one thing in common, and that is the goal of uplifting lives!

The Power of Partnership is so strong that it is capable of transforming lives, erecting large buildings, empowering the masses and raising people to socioeconomic stability (just as the crane did the marquee sign)! Partnership is a force created by a group of determined, dedicated individuals who say, “Our relationship, plus our hard work, plus the sharing of information will make a difference in a life today.”  That, my friend, is the Power of Partnership!


-Ingrid, Success Coach

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