If you’re a smart job searcher, you probably have already covered your basic job hunting bases. Resumes, cover letters, certifications, and references are all concepts that come to mind when it comes to being prepared for a job interview. But you may not have thought about one of the most common ways to really step your job search up….utilizing social media! Did you know over 90% of companies use social media for hiring? We’ve helped compile a list of tips to help you navigate and tap into the power of social media to simplify the process for you.

  1. CLEAN UP YOUR PAGES! I can’t stress this enough.  Did you know one of the first things that recruiters do when looking over resumes is to search social media? Consider that your future employer could be taking a sneak peak at your Facebook or Instagram at any given point in time! Take special care to check your profile out and see what others see once they search your name. Nix any photos of partying, avoid long rants, overly political statements, etc. When in doubt, delete.
  2. Quality over Quantity. You don’t have to open an account on every social media platform to be considered active.  In fact, you’re more likely to generate interactions and appear engaged from focusing on 2-3 platforms and really utilizing those to the best of their ability. Think Facebook and 1-2 others. LinkedIn especially is a solid choice for any professional.
  3. Use your REAL NAME. Okay, this sounds like a no-brainer, right? Cute nicknames are great for handles on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat….but making sure that you have your real name on your profile pages (especially on Facebook and LinkedIN) is absolutely essential. Recruiters not only want to know that you are a real person, they also want to know that you are professional.  Part of your brand is your name, so be sure to use it!
  4. Keep a professional and consistent image. Branding isn’t just about your name and skill set. Your image is a huge part of what recruiters will first see when searching social media. If you have photos of yourself with 3 different hair colors, half naked on the beach…what do you think you’re providing as a first impression? Keep it clean cut, and remember, if you wouldn’t like your future boss to see you in this light…change the photo!
  5. Establish a strong professional brand. Your image and name are the first steps, be sure to tie them along to your skill set. People want to know what it is you do and who you are, so keeping consistency is key here. Maybe you’re a former chef who is hoping to get into a new career…highlight those interests too! Even if you’re showing off what your desired field is without the experience, that is just as valuable when creating a brand for yourself.
  6. Bring all of your accounts to a single hub. LinkedIN is an excellent tool to link all of your social media together. On your LinkedIn, not only can you highlight the most important aspects of your professional career and brand, but you can personalize it a bit and link in your Instagram and Facebook, too!
  7. Link them to your job search sites. LinkedIn is excellent at populating information from your profile directly onto applications and resumes that post onto job search sites like Monster and Indeed. This not only saves you time from entering the same information over and over, but it also helps you to pop up on recruiter accounts!
  8. Don’t use social media for professional communications. It’s great to utilize social media while job searching in the sense of putting the word out to your friends that you’re hiring and linking sites together, but one of the biggest NO-NOs of social media etiquette is to message businesses/employers via social media platforms.  Unless they’ve specified otherwise, stick to traditional resume submissions and job search sites for this.
  9. Establish a regular routine. Social media is a fast paced world, and even missing a day could mean a missed opportunity.  Turn on your notifications so you can keep up with engagements and job opportunities, messages from recruiters, and more. Establishing a regular routine will eventually allow social media to become second nature.
  10. Complete your profiles to the best of your ability. Take advantage of sections in your profiles such as summary, bio, background, experience, education, and more! This not only allows for you to pop up in more keyword searches for recruiters to find you, but it gives potential employers a much better idea of who you are and what you can bring to the company.
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