Patience: It is vital to establish a realistic set of expectations at the beginning of the job hunting process. Understanding that this is a process that takes time and effort can help to alleviate some of the distress associated with job searching.

Positivity: Having an optimistic attitude toward your job search is as important as the strategy used for conducting it! You are likely to have lackluster results if you’re feeling negative, unengaged, or significantly stressed out.  One way to increase positive energy amongst yourself and your job search process is to surround yourself with people who support your goals and be sure to balance your time with self-care.  It does no good to spend hours scouring over job listings if you will be too stressed to remain composed during the interviewing process.

Proactivity: One of the greatest things about job hunting is the idea that just about anything is possible.  Ready for a career change? Now is a great time to test the waters in a new field! Use this time to explore your career options, job roles, and organizations. Be sure to include social media in your search plans as this will increase your network and world of options! LinkedIn and Facebook both have excellent job boards and networking capabilities.

Preparation: So often, a lack of a job offer is due to a lack of preparation.  There are several key strategies one can do to prepare for an interview.  Firstly, you should have rehearsed and perfected an “elevator speech” so that you are able to articulate with ease who you are, what you do, and why you’re great at it.  You should also be sure to research an organization.  Read about their mission and how this may trickle down to your desired position.  Finally, have a prepared list of questions to ask the interviewee.  Nearly every job interview closes with being asked if the potential candidate has any questions, and this is one opportunity not to be missed! For example, you might want to inquire as to what their immediate hiring goals are, or what their favorite aspect of working for the company is. These can give you some insight into the culture of the organization.

Persistence: Treat your job search as a job! Be eager to put in daily time and effort.  Having a daily “metric” goal of how many resumes you’d like to put out or how many organizations to follow up with is a great way to set out to accomplish your goals.

Pause: With all of the resumes, interviews, and hours spent reading over job descriptions it is important to take a few moments now and again to reflect upon your goal.  Assessing your positive and negative interactions is an important part of the process.  Once you evaluate them, remember to breathe, regroup, and refocus on your plan. Don’t forget, it is ok to change your goals as your job search path leads you!

Practice: After all, practice makes perfect (or close to it!).

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